Desgin Personalized Printed Streetwear - Patchwork Washed Short Sleeve Towel Embroidered Printed T-Shirt
Desgin Personalized Printed Streetwear - Patchwork Washed Short Sleeve Towel Embroidered Printed T-Shirt
Desgin Personalized Printed Streetwear - Patchwork Washed Short Sleeve Towel Embroidered Printed T-Shirt
Desgin Personalized Printed Streetwear - Patchwork Washed Short Sleeve Towel Embroidered Printed T-Shirt
Desgin Personalized Printed Streetwear - Patchwork Washed Short Sleeve Towel Embroidered Printed T-Shirt
Desgin Personalized Printed Streetwear - Patchwork Washed Short Sleeve Towel Embroidered Printed T-Shirt

Item specifics

Product Name
Patchwork Snow Washed T-Shirt
Customizable Colors
S-2XL (Customizable Size)
Plain Weave
Embroidery & Patchwork
Customizable Personal Labels
Touches Dark
Short Sleeve



Desgin Personalized Printed Streetwear - Patchwork Washed Short Sleeve Towel Embroidered Printed T-Shirt
Product Description
Model Number: 
Anti-wrinkle \ Breathable
Plain Weave
Weaving Method: 
Anti-wrinkle \ Breathable
T-shirt Detail
Fit: Oversized
Modify the Body: The oversized version of the clothes is usually looser, and can be very good to cover the body's shortcomings so that the body looks more slender. For those who have a fat body or not good enough lines, this type of clothes can play a good role in modification.
High Comfort: Oversized versions of clothes are looser, wearing up will not be a very strong sense of constraint on the body, let a person feel comfortable and at ease. This type of clothing is also more suitable for casual occasions and can make people feel relaxed and at ease.
Easy to Match: Oversized clothes are usually more neutral and can be matched with a variety of different outfits, such as jeans, sweatpants, skirts, and so on, to be able to match different styles of styling. Oversized clothes are also easier to match with other clothes and do not require much matching skills.
Craft: Towel Embroidery
Unique Visual Effect: Towel embroidery can create unique textures and patterns, giving garments a richer sense of layering and three-dimensionality. This embroidery method can add a unique sense of art and creativity to the garment, attracting people's eyes.

Soft and Comfortable Touch: Because the embroidery thread used in towel embroidery is thicker, the embroidered pattern has a thicker texture, giving people a soft and comfortable feeling. This touch can increase the comfort of wearing and make people feel warmer and more relaxed.

Good Durability: Towel embroidery uses thicker embroidery threads, which makes it less prone to fraying or tearing. This type of embroidery increases the durability of the garment, making it more wearable and less prone to damage.
T-shirt Detail
Craft: Patchwork
Innovative Design: Patchwork design breaks the traditional design rules and styles, and can create novel, unique, and personalized clothing shapes. The combination of different fabrics, colors, and patterns of splicing, can bring a strong visual impact to the clothing and meet the demand of consumers for personalization and differentiation.
Increase the Sense of Hierarchy: the splicing process can increase the sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional sense of clothing through the combination of different fabrics, colors, and textures. The more levels of splicing, the stronger the sense of hierarchy, making the clothing more rich and diverse.
Cost Saving: The patchwork process can make full use of the remaining edges of different fabrics, colors, and textures, and patch them together, thus saving costs. At the same time, through reasonable splicing design, it can reduce the generation of waste materials and reduce environmental pollution.
T-shirt Detail
Fabric Material: 100% Cotton
High comfort: cotton fabric is soft and comfortable, with good moisture absorption and breathability, which can provide a good wearing experience, will not irritate the skin, and will not produce static electricity and pilling and other problems.

Good wearability: cotton fabric is a natural fiber, with strong toughness and durability, after reasonable treatment and maintenance, can maintain a longer period of wearability.

Environmentally sustainable: cotton fabrics from natural cotton, is a renewable resource, and in the growth and processing of less impact on the environment. In addition, cotton can be reasonably treated and reused to achieve the goal of environmental protection and sustainable development.
Custom Service
We offer personalization services to add custom labels, packaging, and other details to your custom t-shirts to meet your specific needs and brand image. Whether you need customized t-shirts for personal use or mass production for commercial use, we can meet your needs.
You can browse our website to learn more about our services and products. We have customized t-shirts in different styles and elements, and you can also choose from different weights and fabrics to suit your ideas. If you want to fully customize, you can contact us directly.
Customized Logo Technics,Swing Label and Packaging
Customized Logo Technics,Swing Label and Packaging
You can pick and choose the materials, colors, and designs you wish to ensure that your brand identity matches your expectations. We offer a variety of customization options including woven labels, leather labels, eco-friendly labels, and more. We are confident that with labels, your brand will get more attention and show off your brand's charm to the fullest.

We will provide you with the best customization solutions to help your brand stand out in the competitive market. Let's work hand in hand to infuse your brand with a unique charm!

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Custom Your Own Logo Tshirts
When you choose our custom clothing, you have the freedom to place your design wherever you want! We provide personalized customization options to showcase your brand's design perfectly on your clothing!

We understand that every brand has its unique image, so we offer you the freedom to choose your clothing style and place your logo wherever you want. We are committed to bringing your design to life and providing you with a unique custom service experience through our website.
Custom Your Own Logo Tshirts
Providing Customizable Fabrics And Colors For You
Providing Customizable Fabrics And Colors For You
We understand that each customer is unique and has their own needs, expectations, and tastes. We do our best to meet our customers' needs in terms of style, material, color, and design preferences. As a result, we can produce customized garments in a wide range of colors and fabrics according to our customers' requirements.

We believe that through our customized services, your brand will gain more exposure and showcase your brand's characteristics. Let's work together to add uniqueness to your brand!

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