Manufacturing Mens Streetwear T-shirt | HeavyWeight Snow Washed Oversized T-shirts
Manufacturing Mens Streetwear T-shirt | HeavyWeight Snow Washed Oversized T-shirts
Manufacturing Mens Streetwear T-shirt | HeavyWeight Snow Washed Oversized T-shirts
Manufacturing Mens Streetwear T-shirt | HeavyWeight Snow Washed Oversized T-shirts
Manufacturing Mens Streetwear T-shirt | HeavyWeight Snow Washed Oversized T-shirts
Manufacturing Mens Streetwear T-shirt | HeavyWeight Snow Washed Oversized T-shirts

Item specifics

Products Name
Snow Washed Oversized T-shirts
S-2XL(Custom Sizes Accepted)
Black\Brown(Accept Custom Colors)
Snow Wash
Accept Custom Label
95% Cotton 5% Spandex
Short Sleeve
Touches Dark



 Graphic Cotton Dark T-shirts Introduction
Touches Dark

Manufacturing Mens Streetwear T-shirt | Heavyweight Snow Washed Oversized T-shirts

  • Size

  • Color

  • Material

    95%cotton 5%spandex
  • Craft

    Snow Wash
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Manufacturing Mens Streetwear T-shirt | Heavy Weight Snow Washed Oversized T-shirts
This T-shirt is oversized fit which is the most popular fit of the current, very suitable for young people to wear, not only comfortable but also stylish.

If you have your own designs, please send them to us for production and we support customization to ensure that each product is unique.
 Graphic Cotton Dark T-shirts Detailed Parameters
Model Number: CUS2230720230321CY3
Brand Name
Fabric Weight
Touches Dark
Anti-wrinkle\ Breathable
260 Grams
Sleeve Style
Round Neck
Short Sleeve
Weaving Method
Supply Type
Accept Customization
OEM/ODM And Low MOQ Custom
Custom Vintage Printing Tshirts
Snow Washed And Customized :
◇ We are the king of professional T-shirt customization manufacturer vendor for leading Chinese street wear.We are good at acid wash, tie dye, screen printing, direct injection printing, ink printing, embroidery, silicone print...
 This snow washed T-shirt can also be customized with your own logo design. If you need this service, please feel free to contact us.
 Graphic Cotton Dark T-shirts Details 
 We offer personalized customization services to add customized labels, packaging, and other details to your washed T-shirts to meet your specific needs and brand image. Whether you need customized T-shirts for personal use or bulk production for commercial purposes, we can meet your needs.
 You can browse our website to learn more about our services and products. We have different styles and elements of washed T-shirts, and you can also choose T-shirts with different weights and fabrics to meet your needs. If you want full customization, you can contact us directly.
Custom Your Own Logo Tshirts
T-shirt details - Oversized Fit:
The top is cut at the torso in a oversized shape, giving the upper half of the body a square shape.
This version can lengthen the visual height of ordinary people.Makes a person's height look very tall, this is the current trend of the top tailoring style.
Simple version, looks very sharp, the upper body has a more three-dimensional sense of shape.

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Clothing Factory Cotton T-shirts
95% Cotton T-shirts:
 Cotton material is loved by most people because it is sweat-absorbing and breathable, making the overall wearing experience feel good, not only in the summer to make yourself more relaxed and comfortable, but also in the winter inside a pair of warmth.
 Compared to synthetic materials, we choose pure cotton because it is naturally pollution-free and has strong antibacterial properties, making it suitable for the closest contact with the skin.
 We use 95% pure cotton, which is a natural fabric with high softness and elasticity, as well as good durability and anti-wrinkle performance, making your clothes more durable and beautiful. If you want a different fabric, you can also contact us to customize the fabric and material you want.
Custom Service
Custom Clothing Process
Custom Private Label
Custom Logo Tshirts
Custom Your Own Logo Tshirts
 When you choose our custom clothing, you have the freedom to place your design wherever you want! We provide personalized customization options to showcase your brand's design perfectly on your clothing!
 We understand that every brand has its unique image, so we offer you the freedom to choose your clothing style and place your logo wherever you want. We are committed to bringing your design to life and providing you with a unique custom service experience through our website.
Custom Tshirts Service Colors
More Colors Custom
 We hope to work with you to create the best image for your brand by seamlessly integrating your logo with our clothing, increasing your business's visibility and brand awareness. With our professional customization services, you can choose any detail you want to maximize your creativity.
  • ◇ We can provide you with professional and personalized customization services. You are free to choose the desired fabric, technique, and material, and we will meet your customization needs for style, size, and color according to your requirements.

 Start your customized clothing journey with us and create a truly unique image today!
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Touches Dark Tshirts
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  • ◇ We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. Our experienced staff will promptly answer all your questions. 

  • We have a professional after-sales team that can provide solutions for you. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can discuss with us for a solution.

  • ◇ As a custom clothing manufacturer, we own two factories and offer high-quality custom services with a stable supply chain. If you are interested in deepening cooperation with us, you are welcome to visit our factories in China.

  • ◇ As a custom seller of trendy brands,  Our professional design team can provide you with high-quality raw materials for personalized customization, and will keep in touch with you throughout the entire customization process, providing timely feedback and progress updates.

If you are not satisfied with this product, please let us know your requirements in a timely manner. We will send you similar products for you to choose from.

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