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Touches Dark Garments FAQ


How Do I Choose the Right Fabric?

Material: The materials of the fabric should be considered first. Common fabric materials are cotton, hemp, silk, wool, polyester, and so on. Different materials have different characteristics, as cotton fabric is permeable and suitable for summer wear; silk fabric is soft and smooth, suitable for making high-grade clothing. Choose the right material according to your needs and wearing occasions. Feel and Comfort: The feel and comfort of the fabric are also very important. Quality fabrics should be soft, smooth, and comfortable to wear. When purchasing fabrics, touch the surface to feel the texture and comfort of the fabric. Abrasion and Durability: The abrasion and durability of the fabric are especially important if your customized clothing needs to be worn frequently or used on a special occasion. By choosing fabrics that are abrasion and wear-resistant, you can ensure the longevity of your clothing. Color and Pattern: The color and pattern of the fabric are also factors to consider. Choose the right color or pattern according to your personal preference and brand style. At the same time, pay attention to the dyeing properties and color fastness of the fabric to ensure that the color is not easy to lose color. Maintenance and Cleaning: Different fabrics require different maintenance and cleaning methods. When choosing fabrics, it is necessary to understand the requirements of maintenance and cleaning of fabrics so that the garments can be properly maintained and cleaned for future use. We also provide a few common fabrics for your simple reference, you can also communicate with our design team, and our team will provide professional advice based on your design.Click on the Image Below to ViewIf you have already decided on the fabrics to be used, we can also customize the production according to your requirements.

How Do I Secure My Design Solution?

To ensure the security of our clients' design proposals, we therefore follow the industry's basic code of conduct, and our clients can sign a non-disclosure agreement with us to ensure that their designs are not infringed upon. Click For More Services Details

What is the production time for clothing?

The production time is generally 18 to 25 days for T-shirts, around 30 days for hoodies, and approximately 40 days for jackets. If you require customization for other product categories, please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

Can I customize products different from those in the catalog?

Yes, customization is one of our professional services. As a professional manufacturer of dark streetwear, we can meet your customization needs. We have a professional design team and a perfect supporting production supply chain.If you already have your clothing brand, then we can design and develop your products according to your technical package and product ID, material, style, size, color, and budget.If you don't have a specific design plan for the moment and only have a concept, you can provide us with your favorite benchmark websites or products and we will design the products you need based on those. Let the customization begin!

Can you provide direct delivery? How can I trade with you?

We can assist you with dropshipping by directly delivering the goods to your customers' countries. Our trading process is simple. You can place orders online and provide your customers' information as the recipients. We will ship the goods to the addresses you provide. Alternatively, you can use your own third-party logistics provider. If you have specific requirements or large-scale orders, you can discuss them with our service team.

Can you customize my slogan bags?

We can customize your shipping packaging, with a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces. Additionally, we can create custom packages under your brand and include your slogan on them.

Can you include my labels and hangtags?

We provide free black labels and hangtags for placing your logo. If you require customized labels and hangtags with different specifications, a custom order is needed.For custom service: The cost is US$135 for 500 sets of neck labels, wash labels, and size labels, and US$150 for 1000 pieces of hangtags.If your bulk order reaches 500 pieces per color per design, you can enjoy free labels or hangtags with your own designs.

How can I track my package?

After we ship your order, we will provide you with a tracking number and shipping confirmation. You can use this information to track your package on the shipping carrier's website. Additionally, we will assist you in updating the status of your package as needed.

What kind of packaging do you have?

Typically, ready-to-ship(In Stock) items are individually packaged in plastic bags, and the outer packaging for shipping is done in cardboard boxes. If you are interested in custom packaging, you can refer to our Private Label page for more information.

When do you ship the products?

If you choose ready-to-wear items from our stock, they are typically shipped within 5-7 days. For Low MOQ Customization and Flexible Customization services, which involve adding custom logos, the products will be shipped within 7-10 days. For full customization, the shipping time is approximately 15-28 days.

Do you provide samples before placing an order?

Yes, you can request samples from us to confirm the quality before placing a bulk order. You can find more information about our sample manufacturing process on the sample page of our website.

Do you accept PayPal?

We do not currently accept PayPal as a payment method. However, we offer payment through the Trade Assurance platform provided by Alibaba. This platform ensures the protection of online orders, making our transactions secure and convenient. It also provides sufficient technical support and payment security guarantees.

What are your payment terms?

We offer various payment methods including Trade Assurance Payment, credit card, electronic check, T/T (bank transfer), Pay Later, online banking, and Western Union .

Can I add a logo to the clothing?

If the product is ready-to-wear, you cannot add a logo to it. However, if you require customized logos, you can opt for our custom logo service, which requires a minimum of 100 pieces per design per color.We also offer Low MOQ Customization and Flexible Customization. These two customization services allow you to add the desired embellishments to our existing colors and sizes. The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces, which is beneficial for new customers who require smaller quantities.